Aurora Theatre: A Story

Currently in post-production, this is the story about an iconic theatre whose future is at stake.

David Taha, the current owner of the Aurora Theatre, is at a crossroads between holding on to a structure that is steeped in history or selling it knowing that the theatre may not survive.


This short film documents the nature of Taha's struggle intermingled with a brief trip down memory lane of the theatre's better days.


We need your help

We are looking for photos to add to the colour of the story.  Ideal pictures should show the theatre while operational, employees and/or patrons inside or outside of the building.  All photos included in the documentary will be included in the credits if a signed release form is returned to us allowing us to use the photo.  After the photo is digitized, it will be returned to you.  Only a select amount of images will be used for the story.  There is no guarantee that your image(s) will be used.


Please press the contact link at the top of the page if you have a photo that you want to submit or have a question about the process.


Thank you.



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